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      ورژن ویبولتین: 4.x.x امتیاز: مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی نصب شده: 0
      منتشر شده: 11-17-2014 آخرین بروزرسانی: هرگز تعداد دانلود: 3
      نویسنده این تاپیک این هک را پشتیبانی نمیکند. تغییرات دیتابیس سیستم هک و پلاگین تغییرات اتوماتیک در قالب فایل های اضافی
      با عرض سلام و درود
      با این هک میتونید به نقد و بررسی و مقایسه محصولات بپردازید

      توضیحات انگلیسی :

      Version 1.4.0 has been released to remove the giftery / list it integration of the addon now that service has been discontinued. No upgrade is needed though there have been a few other bug changes since 1.3.5.

      Finding Feedback Can be Like a Needle in a Haystack

      The more your forum grows, the more of a challenge it becomes to sort through the history and get the full story.

      Product Review Forums Brings Structure to the Chaos

      As a full-featured product management addon, PRF sits on top of your forum allowing you to create defined products which, unlike individual posts, stay relevant over time. Each comment, review and even product updates filter back into this one spot allowing for a quick and comprehensive overview while the individual discussions rage on as always.

      Here's just a few of the many features you'll find in PRF:

      • Bring structure to products with established pages & reviews
      • Reduce the number of repetitive posts from members looking up the same info
      • Increase your traffic with content-rich, seo friendly, product listings
      • Drive revenue by adding your own affiliate links to product listings
      • Increase the activity stream's value with review integration
      • Engage visitors with integrated wishlists from Giftery.me


      Installation is not upload & go... individualized settings are required. Read the install file.


      Enabling Product Forums: To show product details and ratings, each product-forum must be enabled in the forum manager.

      Adding Products: You may upload products one at a time through the admin [includes an image uploader using GD] or you can bulk import through XML. You can also enable users to add moderated products through a global and usergroup option.

      Product Review Index: To access your forum's product overview go to www.yoursite.com/productforums.php - You may want to add a link to this to your navbar or as a tab.

      Customization: This addon is made to be customized. To change the color schema see clientscript/vbulletin_css or dive right on in to the templates and phrases.

      Powered by Giftery.me: This mod is maintained includes two integrations you should know about. Both can be controlled through the mod options.

      فایل های پیوست

      عناصر گرافیکی

      جهت حمایت از نویسنده : از مطلب تشکر کنید و تیک نصب کرده ام را بزنید و در صورت کپی برداری منبع را ذکر کنید

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    3. فارسی ساز هک تغییر اندازه فونت در پست بیت-product-yilmaz_vb4_yazi_boyutu
      توسط M-Barati در انجمن فارسی ساز های هک پلاگین ها ورژن 4
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    4. مهم قرعه کشی اهدای اشتراک ویژه به Review دهندگان عزیز
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