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موضوع: [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack vB4.2 & vB4.1 همراه سپاس سراسری

    1.   [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack vB4.2 & vB4.1 همراه سپاس سراسری Details »»
      ورژن ویبولتین: 4.x.x امتیاز: مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی نصب شده: 0
      منتشر شده: 03-17-2013 آخرین بروزرسانی: هرگز تعداد دانلود: 24
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      [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack 7.84

      With Search Fix

      For vBulletin 4.2 + vBulletin 4.1.x

      I guess we have all the later versions of this POST THANK YOU HACK, But we did not have any for vBulleint 4.2 or vB4.1.x!

      Now remember, everyone thinks that the old versions are working on all vB4.1.x or vB4.2 version! Which DOES NOT! Only use the Post Thank You version that fits your vBulletin Forum Version. Do not Install other versions than the right one! Because the POST Thanks MYSQL "TABLES" will sometimes not get UNINSTALLED or DELETED after you Uninstalling the product! It can the affect the next version and the tables when you Install another version!

      Posted by: iboibo
      Date of Post: 10-30-2012
      Credits: Abe1
      Developer: Abe1 vBulletin.org

      File Name: [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack
      File Submitter:
      File Submitted: 02 Aug 2012
      File Category: vB 4.2.x Modifications
      vBulletin 3.8?: NO
      vBulletin 4.1?: OK
      vBulletin 4.2?: OK

      About this hack:

      One of the biggest problems on forums as you may know is 'posts boosting'. There are users who LOVE to say 'thanks' when ever they can. How can it hurt? Their post count goes up, they have nothing to loose.

      There are also users who really like to express their thanks to post but don't like posting a post that looks like they're post boosting.

      Then comes the moderators who have to delete people's thanks yous so a thread can look readable with out the thanks yous thrown around.

      Finally comes the posters of these useful posts. They have no idea how many people really likes their posts if only some people say 'thanks'.

      What this hack does is fix ALL these problems - except those users who like post boosting. This places a button called 'thanks.' When a user clicks on it, it places his username in a box right under the post saying that so-and-so says 'thanks' for the post. Every-one who clicks is placed in one box.

      By giving your users the extra feature, you forum will look allot nice and organized. It is a guaranteed liking by ALL the members of your forum.


      • Uses vBulletin easy Product installer/updater/uninstaller
      • Uses AJAX technology so your users don't have to refresh when they thank.
      • Places an easy to use button next to the edit button
      • Separate looks for postbit and postbit_legacy
      • Places all Thanks into one small box
      • Uses only ONE query every time you view a showthread page!
      • Users can't thank twice
      • Option to not allow users to thank their own post
      • Guests don't see 'thanks' button
      • Counts how many thanks a user gives
      • Counts how many thanks a post gets
      • Shows how many thanks a user gave in every post of his
      • Shows how many thanks a user gave in profile
      • Shows how many thanks a user got
      • Shows how many posts or a user are thanked
      • Shows info in profile
      • Search for a users thanked posts
      • Search for all thanked posts
      • Administrator can remove all Thanks from a single post
      • Users can remove their own Thanks
      • Turn on and off hack totally
      • Turn on and off hack for only some forums
      • Option to turn off hack for all but the first post of a thread
      • Option to turn off hack for all but the first post of a thread in specific forums
      • Option to turn off hack view of date for specific or all forums
      • Option to add to post count when someone clicks 'thanks'.
      • Option to give a user who receives thanks reputation points.
      • Ban Usergroups
      • Ban Users
      • Uses Phrases
      • Cache Templates
      • Guaranteed to be liked by ALL users on your forum!

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      جهت حمایت از نویسنده : از مطلب تشکر کنید و تیک نصب کرده ام را بزنید و در صورت کپی برداری منبع را ذکر کنید

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