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    Oct 2012
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    مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی مرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بی

    پیش فرض ویبولتین 5.0.3 منتشر شد


    برخی از تغییرات و باگ های رفع شده در این نسخه :
    Improvement Request

    [VBV-1371] - Windows IIS Wincache Support
    [VBV-3332] - Advanced Search > Sort by Replies > display 'number of replies' info for each search result
    [VBV-4407] - Don't use the phrase "xs_avatar" for the tooltip on profile pictures / avatars. Instead just use the person's user name.
    [VBV-4770] - Extensions run even if product is not installed
    [VBV-5292] - vB_String::getPreviewText - allow custom preview length
    [VBV-7947] - Bottom Page navigation should be moved above reply box...
    [VBV-8007] - Reduce reliance on JavaScript where it isn't required
    [VBV-8207] - This topic has been successfully changed to unapproved. Only admins and moderators can see this topic.
    [VBV-8639] - HTML Character Set in Admin CP -> Language Manager -> Edit Settings should do a basic error check for UTF8 vs. UTF-8
    [VBV-8860] - On registration page the phrase "Paid Subscriptions" should be "Purchase Subscription"
    [VBV-8865] - Change "Upload" to "Uploading" while a photo is being uploaded
    [VBV-8871] - Prevent comments from bumping a topic
    [VBV-8874] - Upgrade 501a1 steps 7 & 8's output messages should indicate progress
    [VBV-9040] - Contact Us and Help links in footer should have "noindex, nofollow" attributes.
    [VBV-9126] - Update current readme.html with attached file.
    [VBV-9138] - Remove template and rollup references for jQuery Blueimp File Upload UI
    [VBV-9175] - search as a module
    [VBV-9264] - Ajax api is too slow
    [VBV-9442] - Refactor search criteria to perform filters after the search
    [VBV-9495] - CKeditor is loading our plugin script files one by one
    [VBV-9635] - Wrong syntax in a phrase
    [VBV-9674] - Phrase change required for localization
    [VBV-9930] - 503b1 steps 1 & 2 should run only if necessary
    New Feature

    [VBV-9325] - Implement noindex/nofollow check function in route classes


    [VBV-285] - Last Activity arrow in subscriptions widget is not working properly.
    [VBV-593] - vB5 Demo-Thread View
    [VBV-974] - Tab order for Image Verification on registration page is incorrect.
    [VBV-1018] - Non-blog content shows up in subscriptions panel on blogs page
    [VBV-1084] - When viewing a closed topic, the administrative menu has the option to "close" the topic, but not to "open" it
    [VBV-1191] - Need a new phrase for 'Topic'
    [VBV-1281] - The date of birth privacy option have a too small fixed width
    [VBV-1327] - "Error while saving content: SyntaxError: Invalid character" when attempting to submit topic with mutliple tags, if one exceeds max character limit
    [VBV-1374] - Back to Groups button links to main blog page
    [VBV-1412] - IE10 Multiple uploads not working
    [VBV-1470] - User Profile - Settings
    [VBV-1672] - New post / topic min character limit not working as intended
    [VBV-2065] - Error while trying to access to a blog admin URL as a guest
    [VBV-2103] - Podcast settings are broken
    [VBV-2105] - Trying to access to a non-existing blog page will lead to an error page
    [VBV-2158] - (Porting from vB4) Missing phrase when setting "Store CSS Stylesheets as Files?" to Yes
    [VBV-2190] - (Porting from vB4) Useless HTML tag in phrase delete_message_check_appropriate_option
    [VBV-2212] - (Porting from vB4) Replace Word "Forum" with "Board" for Settings in 'Turn Your vBulletin On and Off' Setting Group
    [VBV-2216] - (Porting from vB4) "(COPPA) Users Awaiting Moderation" still referred to in Admin CP help
    [VBV-2225] - (Porting from vB4) vBulletin 3 still referenced to in phrase vbulletin_table_prefix_rename_system
    [VBV-2272] - (Porting from vB4) Respect language settings decimal separator for GPC variable type TYPE_NUM/TYPE_UNUM
    [VBV-2286] - (Porting from vB4) fetch_keywords_list() has various compatibility issues with UTF-8
    [VBV-2299] - Post reply content box various UI issues
    [VBV-2320] - Footer editor duplicate the footer links to the left side
    [VBV-2349] - (Porting from vB4) Incorrect Phrase in Prune API Log Confirmation Screen
    [VBV-2372] - (Porting from vB4) Wrong phrase on product install during install process
    [VBV-2860] - 3.x > 5.x Upgrade : Default "Main Forum" created by upgrade.
    [VBV-3012] - Validation buttons for site builder actions can't use any other available language
    [VBV-3313] - Avatar no longer showing on Notification preview
    [VBV-3436] - Photos with long descriptions does not format text properly in light box popup
    [VBV-3729] - Upgrade stops if imagemagick isn't installed and that is what you had set in your image preferences.
    [VBV-3926] - Non English language will not allow upgrade from older versions
    [VBV-4192] - Attempting to move a phrase from one phrase group to another fails with "There's already a phrase [...]"
    [VBV-4256] - Codification issue with languages after upgrade
    [VBV-4881] - Admin CP Home: Out-of-Date Custom Templates has incorrect link
    [VBV-5263] - Styling issue with poll buttons being cut off
    [VBV-5514] - Separate phrase variables are used for a single phrase in conversation_toolbar template
    [VBV-5719] - Error message when logged out and trying to post
    [VBV-5774] - Frontend controllers are hard coded, expansion is not possible
    [VBV-5825] - Users Awaiting Email Confirmation has invalid display on AdminCP User Manager
    [VBV-5992] - Copying posts copies one post to the new thread and the rest to new threads named (Untitled)
    [VBV-5997] - All phrases in debug_info are hard-coded
    [VBV-6120] - Preview function Error when using other languages
    [VBV-6175] - Notices: cannot delete notices from ACP
    [VBV-6294] - Translating phrase not including all variables causes all variables not to be parsed
    [VBV-6351] - Photo Topic with an extra long photo description with no spaces does not wrap and spills over container border
    [VBV-6354] - Link to contact us page in banip error message is broken
    [VBV-6414] - Login menu design problems when using different language
    [VBV-6455] - Sub nav GROUPS and LATEST ACTIVITY of the main GROUPS navtab are in reverse order initially
    [VBV-6456] - On Photo Album page, spacing needed to separate rows of photos
    [VBV-6493] - Phrase not correctly parsed when uploading an image that exceeds the limit
    [VBV-6520] - Search result with one result reads "1 results..."
    [VBV-6658] - "Optional: Tell people the reason for editing" phrase is hardcoded
    [VBV-6669] - Facebook login button on IE8 overlaps text
    [VBV-6917] - Current Online Users module always shows only one page of users
    [VBV-7014] - Some pages are not using defined language in the profile
    [VBV-7018] - Languages with special characters in their names are badly displayed in the footer & user settings
    [VBV-7105] - "inlinemodauth_required" phrase needs to be translated
    [VBV-7207] - Unparsed display_infractions is shown in Topic Display Options (missing phrase)
    [VBV-7242] - "+ New Topic" button on the main groups page (Regression)
    [VBV-7325] - "session_timed_out_login" with no phrase
    [VBV-7326] - "please_upload_at_least_one_photo" Needs to be translated
    [VBV-7336] - Unparsed limits appear in alert when creating a blog with a long title with Blog Entry button
    [VBV-7351] - User Profile Customization: Hardcoded Image Size Limit in Phrase
    [VBV-7428] - Blog entries and group topics are called "Threads" in email notifications
    [VBV-7500] - Session variables even when logged in and accepting cookies
    [VBV-7519] - Blogs - On blogs where guest comments are permitted, the Latest Activity stream displays the guest username as "guest_commented_on_blog_post_y"
    [VBV-7535] - Embedded video titles and descriptions are cut off in replies (Regression)
    [VBV-7591] - Error when trying to join an invite only group
    [VBV-7726] - Cusomizing profile not working when css is stored in files
    [VBV-7777] - Usergroup/Channel Permissions candeletepost, candeletethread, canopenclose, canmove no longer work (regression)
    [VBV-7813] - /user/subscriptions pagination creating links to /forumroot/2
    [VBV-7885] - SQL duplicate entry error for certain words when language is changed
    [VBV-7918] - "Duplicate setting" error message displays '%1$s' instead of proper setting name
    [VBV-7928] - Upgrade Fails if Board is Closed.
    [VBV-7959] - Phishing Vector / Potential XSS in Signatures
    [VBV-7987] - Certain avatars on vb.com/forum upgrade create 403 forbidden errors
    [VBV-7990] - space needed when displaying photo title
    [VBV-7995] - Funky phrase in the PM system: "X and I are in this message"
    [VBV-8028] - "Search Results Posts Per Page" setting ignored - all results returned in one page
    [VBV-8046] - Soft-deleted content causes topics to be displayed as unapproved and icons for "0 unpublished post(s)" show for it and all topics below it (regression)
    [VBV-8054] - Submitting a post with a vimeo video in bb code hangs, but is posted and then breaks any page it displays on
    [VBV-8069] - Redirect Functionality on Merge Topics...
    [VBV-8073] - Multipage topics show only one page available at times
    [VBV-8095] - Changing the language on the front end using quick language chooser does not actually change the language being used
    [VBV-8111] - Advanced search link overlapped if the name of the channel you're in is long
    [VBV-8125] - Signature editing fails sporadically
    [VBV-8129] - Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' on getAnswers FAQ Method
    [VBV-8142] - Sticky topics list in date created order rather than last reply
    [VBV-8143] - If Unregistered Users have "Can View Channels" set to no, then the phrases on the registration page popups don't parse.
    [VBV-8173] - Upgrade script is detecting wrong software version
    [VBV-8186] - Missing Phrases: error_moving_threads_x and invalid_request
    [VBV-8188] - References to "Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails" still exist
    [VBV-8212] - "or" hard coded in login_form
    [VBV-8214] - A few placeholder phrases hard coded in tab "Share Photos"
    [VBV-8262] - "dangerous_image_rejected" needs to be turned into a human-readable message
    [VBV-8314] - "removeAttachment" API Method Database Error
    [VBV-8342] - infractionid in infraction table is always 0
    [VBV-8374] - Remove unused infraction fields
    [VBV-8387] - Flagged Reports Page crashes if there is a flag report about a soft deleted post
    [VBV-8395] - Memcache using different prefix settings for datastore and data cache
    [VBV-8414] - Modules not ordered correctly in New Page/Edit Page -> Add Modules (regression)
    [VBV-8518] - Main Content Area - Filter Bar - Pagination
    [VBV-8530] - Partial HTML response from search page
    [VBV-8568] - Locked threads still have Post Reply button / no clocked thread icon if you're the topic starter
    [VBV-8569] - Usergroups "Maximum Attachments" permission should be "Maximum Attachments per Post"
    [VBV-8643] - Search Order not working properly
    [VBV-8644] - Search Sort By not working properly.
    [VBV-8694] - Some search queries can scan entire node table
    [VBV-8727] - Missing misc.php pages need to created & redirected to
    [VBV-8742] - "invalid_query_definition_x" response on "endsubscription" Method
    [VBV-8747] - Forums help Module doesn't collapse and shows no buttons when in site builder edit page mode
    [VBV-8758] - Updating translations of phrases is broken
    [VBV-8815] - Posting empty message will print "text_required" error
    [VBV-8831] - Forum titles with a long name will stretch out of bounds
    [VBV-8835] - OR incorrectly highlighted in search results
    [VBV-8842] - Back to Media arrow not align
    [VBV-8862] - activity/get out of date and not loading css dynamically
    [VBV-8872] - Fatal Error when running Update User Titles and Ranks - fetch_infraction_groups
    [VBV-8877] - Duplicate Queries on a Video Thread
    [VBV-8880] - Should run all ajax and render requests through applicationLight
    [VBV-8889] - Running 5.01a2 upgrade twice makes forum unusable.
    [VBV-8921] - "Find and Replace in Languages" function doesn't work, error when clicking "Replace"
    [VBV-8929] - vB_Api_State::checkBeforeView is expensive and called multiple times.
    [VBV-8933] - old (vb4) basic links are not working
    [VBV-8934] - Extending the session object should improve performance
    [VBV-8940] - Restore outline to b-form-input and b-form-textarea
    [VBV-8944] - 'Save Display Order' Button in Paid Subscription > Subscription Manager should be change to 'Save Subscription Manager'
    [VBV-8956] - Forwarding multiple messages in message center will quote from the wrong user
    [VBV-8966] - Editor toolbar image upload needs refinement
    [VBV-8971] - Remove dynamic loading of ckeditor files
    [VBV-8972] - Paste plain text/ from word FORM sometimes is inaccessible
    [VBV-8988] - Stylevars should be cached
    [VBV-9021] - Database Error in attachment.php
    [VBV-9053] - Poll timeout still on effect even if the "Poll timeout" checkbox goes unchecked
    [VBV-9077] - Posting more replies will not show them nor create a new topic page
    [VBV-9090] - Guest page cache system does not support multiple languages
    [VBV-9095] - Channel read status is cached and doesn't reflect actual presence of unread posts (regression)
    [VBV-9097] - Unable to configure Activity Stream Widget
    [VBV-9107] - Autosave with signatures is not working correctly
    [VBV-9112] - Phrases not being used removing
    [VBV-9132] - Problems with 'Umlaute'
    [VBV-9147] - Forum Blank after running upgrader
    [VBV-9176] - Old albums URL will return 404 (Upgrade)
    [VBV-9191] - Album attachment URLs returning blank 200 (soft 404).
    [VBV-9201] - Cache language query
    [VBV-9253] - line breaks are not parsed in Blogs. vb5
    [VBV-9257] - Can't Login with Chrome or IE
    [VBV-9297] - "album_user" method does not include "add_album_option" field in the response
    [VBV-9300] - Undefined index when leaving thread redirect (on move/merge topics)
    [VBV-9310] - Last post does not work in 1.4 vb5.
    [VBV-9323] - BB code not rendered in message (ios)
    [VBV-9324] - The cacheevent table needs an index on cacheevent.event
    [VBV-9331] - Smileys do not parse in post view.
    [VBV-9348] - Latest activity tab on profile is always empty
    [VBV-9349] - Breadcrumb is missing on the blog admin pages
    [VBV-9388] - Online Users module script in global.js should be moved to sb_online.js
    [VBV-9392] - invalid_query_definition_x on mergeContent (Video API)
    [VBV-9394] - Cannot login while trying to connect with facebook
    [VBV-9399] - File Attachment is broken
    [VBV-9432] - Invalid phraseid usage [bucket]
    [VBV-9436] - Phrase not being properly rendered in view permissions
    [VBV-9446] - Need to retest VBV-7239 for 5.0.3
    [VBV-9483] - CSS Cache Busting (when style sheets are stored as files)
    [VBV-9485] - Pagination is broken in group listing
    [VBV-9500] - missing translations in foreign languages will display a system phrase
    [VBV-9512] - Missing phrase
    [VBV-9515] - File download issues (as showing up on vb.com)
    [VBV-9516] - Additional line breaks added in editor (regression)
    [VBV-9517] - Wrong words / typos in FAQ texts (part 1)
    [VBV-9527] - Undefined indexes when calling the vB5 API from the apiclient
    [VBV-9534] - "Array to string conversion" error when searching and editing a phrase
    [VBV-9538] - Proceeding Posts with attachments makes first post's attachments disappear
    [VBV-9543] - Change 70/30 and 30/70 Columns to Narrow & Wide
    [VBV-9544] - Wrong words / typos in FAQ texts (part 2)
    [VBV-9552] - "newthread_postthread" method returns correct error messages but still creates the thread
    [VBV-9553] - Editor in Merge Posts form is broken (regression)
    [VBV-9554] - Hardcoded phrases in the date picker for new polls
    [VBV-9569] - Wrong words / typos in FAQ texts (part 3)
    [VBV-9638] - Date / Time format not used with a language with those formats defined
    [VBV-9644] - Months dates are not translated, using language files with locale & date format
    [VBV-9645] - The admincp setting 'Datestamp Display Option' doesn't work with any language w/ locale & date format
    [VBV-9649] - Can't upgrade to vB5 from vB 4.2 with Sphinx Search installed
    [VBV-9650] - Error in Memcached implementation when using Memcached instead of Memcache
    [VBV-9651] - Typo in end_subscription_confirm
    [VBV-9652] - "User Profile" page title is the same for every user profile
    [VBV-9669] - Non-image attachments not displayed in attachment panel when editing post
    [VBV-9671] - Cannot remove attachments (regression)
    [VBV-9672] - Duplicate queries on Social Groups page
    [VBV-9673] - thread display button css bug
    [VBV-9686] - Missing phrases "Keep Custom Avatar" and "Keep Custom Profile Pic" (regression)
    [VBV-9690] - Page Manager -> puts '2' as default when editing forum name (regression)
    [VBV-9791] - When creating a poll, the poll is expired even though the poll timeout is not selected
    [VBV-9793] - Responsive Layout needs revisited
    [VBV-9794] - Checkboxes and radioboxes in user settings are indented (regression)
    [VBV-9795] - Upgrade running forever on 5.0.2 Release Candidate 1, Step 1 of 4, "Importing Missing Member Albums"
    [VBV-9801] - Default Date For Poll Expiration Needs To Be Current Date
    [VBV-9803] - CLI Upgrade script will ask for customer number in HTML (Regression)
    [VBV-9810] - Phrases missing
    [VBV-9818] - Polls are imported incorrectly during upgrade
    [VBV-9819] - Forum view pagination is broken (regression)
    [VBV-9820] - In the Topic Detail page, when user does a search from the search box in the floating bar and then selects a filter, the search keyword is ignored in the search criteria
    [VBV-9823] - Unable to login in- Undefined index: languageid
    [VBV-9833] - CLI - Endless loop in the upgrade script on Alpha 22 (Regression)
    [VBV-9843] - Attempting to insert a duplicate phrase shows DB error instead of human-readable message
    [VBV-9850] - node MarkRead appears inefficient.
    [VBV-9851] - nodeid=3 has no parent after upgrade from vB4
    [VBV-9855] - [UPGRADE] "Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 65535 of 65535" (Regression)
    [VBV-9856] - Subscription name will not be displayed in the dropdown menu (Regression)
    [VBV-9867] - Error 404 in 3 image files being requested in every page (Regression)
    [VBV-9873] - IP ban doesn't work anymore (regression)
    [VBV-9876] - Mark Channel read takes you back to homepage (regression)
    [VBV-9881] - (Regression) "Insert" link color isn't the correct
    [VBV-9883] - Explosion during install
    [VBV-9885] - (Regression)"Tags" of the Posted Topics are not displaying
    [VBV-9886] - New lines are lost after editing on the mobile app
    [VBV-9903] - BBCODE missing text in activity stream
    [VBV-9910] - getNodeAttachments() is not cached.
    [VBV-9927] - [CLI UPGRADE] Unable to upgrade from 5.0 - "MISSING OUTPUT" Error (Regression)
    [VBV-9932] - Can't login as non-admin
    [VBV-9939] - (Regression) Avatars in "Users Online" are displayed as links for non Admins
    [VBV-9953] - Upgrade Failure in 500b24 step 9 (regression)
    [VBV-9970] - windows-1250 encoding error in /core/vb/string.php
    [VBV-9972] - showthread.php does not remove postid query parameter, which combined with VBV-9218 will break redirection to the proper page
    [VBV-9978] - (Regression) One word strings are not trimed in "Activity Stream"
    [VBV-9994] - Changing a forum url, breaks all topics inside of it
    [VBV-10018] - (Regression)Titles of Subscriptions in Subscription Manager are missing
    [VBV-10041] - User Change History no longer displayed in admincp
    [VBV-10042] - Code BBCode: Do not show vertical scrollbar unless number of lines exceeds the setting in Settings -> Options -> BB Code Settings -> Maximum [CODE] Lines
    [VBV-10054] - Sticking a Blog Post will create duplicate post (regression)
    [VBV-10061] - Filtering posts by "All Time" under Home page Activity stream leads to a cannot display message.
    [VBV-10063] - post selection check boxes with no apparant purpose
    [VBV-10138] - Forumrunner: Unknown response
    [VBV-10262] - Search results for posts are unusable -- there is no link to take you to the post
    [VBV-10278] - "Fatal Error: Call to undefined method vB_Api_Blog::isSGNode()" on getMembersCount
    [VBV-10295] - (Regression)"Upload" button is styled incorrectly when attempting to add a Group Icon in IE8.
    [VBV-10296] - (Regression)Unable to upload a photo as a Group Icon in IE8
    [VBV-10305] - (Regression)Modified Account settings do not take effect until user logs out and logs back in.
    [VBV-10316] - IP Address Missing From Post Footer
    [VBV-10343] - vB 5.0.4 Alpha 2 Week 2 - CSS as files 404 not found error
    [VBV-10346] - Certain content results in a connection error in mobile apps for some users.
    [VBV-10353] - MySQLI reports database password in Stack Trace on connection error.
    [VBV-10361] - (Upgrade) Visitor message loss on upgrade
    [VBV-10372] - Subnavigation bar opens in a new window after deleting a created navigation bar despite disabling 'Open in New Window' option
    [VBV-10397] - Default Avatar shows, when using the quick reply after making a post (regression)
    [VBV-10399] - Avatars dissappear on pages other then page 1 of multi page threads (regression)
    [VBV-10400] - Quotes in posts are nesting, old quotes should be deleted from posts during a quoted reply (regression)
    [VBV-10402] - Reading a single topic marks as read all topics in that channel (regression)
    [VBV-10421] - Signatures don't show when post is loaded via AJAX
    [VBV-10423] - Remove Sphinx search as option in AdminCP
    [VBV-10441] - Signatures not showing correctly due to bad cache
    [VBV-10455] - Channel routes are not properly updated on upgrade


    [VBV-9018] - Remove isBlogNode/isSGNode calls from frontend controllers when calling getNodeFullContent
    [VBV-9032] - Refactor vbمرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بیata and vb:rawdata calls
    [VBV-9215] - Add revision parameter to custom language files, and have installer detect this and import them
    [VBV-9232] - Upgrade batching: Create a new upgrade step(s) to find the missing imports & import them properly
    [VBV-9457] - Get rid of old content entry templates
    [VBV-9460] - Investigate (and remove?) discussion_widget_subtemplate
    [VBV-9462] - Implement fetchAttachInfo Fix
    [VBV-9525] - Refactor vbمرجع تخصصی و رایگان ویبولتین در ایران | ویکی وی بیata and vb:rawdata calls (part 2)
    [VBV-9826] - Search & Destroy Deprecated CSS Rules


    [VBV-4890] - No way to use browser's forward or back buttons.
    [VBV-4891] - No way to link to a specific page or post in a new tab.
    [VBV-4893] - No link to specific page in search/forumdisplay.
    [VBV-4894] - No specific page URL
    [VBV-9806] - When Topic detail page is loaded with hash (e.g. #post1234), and then filtering the posts and navigating back (using the browser's Back button) to the initial page does not load the correct content
    [VBV-9821] - Navigating back through filtered posts with pagination displays wrong content
    [VBV-9836] - Removing a filter from 'Filtered by' bar is not working in IE8 and IE9
    [VBV-9892] - URLs with accents are converted wrong
    [VBV-9938] - Loading Forum Channel page with 'Sort By' filter in the querystring (e.g. sort=title) does not load the correct content
    [VBV-9992] - Responsive: When navigating back and forth between browser history entries after switching tabs, the dropdown tab selection is not updated


    [VBV-7787] - Phrase the editor
    [VBV-8513] - Main Content Area - Display Tabs
    [VBV-8514] - Main Content Area - Display Tabs - Colors
    [VBV-8515] - Main Content Area - Filter Bar
    [VBV-8516] - Main Content Area - Filter Bar - Colors
    [VBV-8517] - Main Content Area - Filter Bar - Dimensions
    [VBV-8519] - Main Content Area - Filter Bar - Pagination - "Previous" & "Next" Button
    [VBV-8520] - Main Content Area - Filter Bar - Filter Dropdown
    [VBV-8521] - Main Content Area - Conversation Icons
    [VBV-8522] - Interaction Elements - Buttons
    [VBV-8523] - Additional (Related) Modules - Dimension
    [VBV-8524] - Additional (Related) Modules - Colors & Borders - Header
    [VBV-8525] - Additional (Related) Modules - Colors & Borders - Content Area
    [VBV-8526] - Additional (Related) Modules - Colors & Borders - Dividers
    [VBV-8768] - Create Form Layout Block
    [VBV-8830] - Apply new b-form-select CSS to drop downs in user settings
    [VBV-9113] - Batch #1 (Phrasegroups -- accessmask, advertising)
    [VBV-9114] - Batch #2 (Phrasegroups -- album, attachment_image)
    [VBV-9116] - Batch #4 (Phrasegroups -- calendar, contenttypes)
    [VBV-9117] - Batch #5 (Phrasegroups -- cpglobal, cphome)
    [VBV-9118] - Batch #6 (Phrasegroups -- cpoption, cppermission)
    [VBV-9119] - Batch #7 (Phrasegroups -- cprank, cpuser)
    [VBV-9120] - Batch #8 (Phrasegroups -- cpusergroup, cron)
    [VBV-9121] - Batch #9 (Phrasegroups -- diagnostic, emailbody)
    [VBV-9122] - Batch #10 (Phrasegroups -- emailsubject, error)
    [VBV-9134] - Reimplement legacy route class
    [VBV-9135] - Change legacy route subclasses to conform base class
    [VBV-9136] - Correct upgrade steps for legacy routes
    [VBV-9187] - vbcms.php not working, giving 'invalid_query_definition_x' error
    [VBV-9274] - Batch #12 (Phrasegroups -- forum, forumdisplay)
    [VBV-9275] - Batch #13 (Phrasegroups -- fronthelp, frontredirect)
    [VBV-9276] - Batch #14 (Phrasegroups -- global, help_faq)
    [VBV-9277] - Batch #15 (Phrasegroups -- holiday, hooks)
    [VBV-9278] - Batch #16 (Phrasegroups -- infraction, inlinemod)
    [VBV-9279] - Batch #18 (Phrasegroups -- maintenance, messaging)
    [VBV-9280] - Batch #17 (Phrasegroups -- language, logging)
    [VBV-9281] - Batch #19 (Phrasegroups -- moderator, navbarlinks)
    [VBV-9282] - Batch #20 (Phrasegroups -- notice, pm)
    [VBV-9283] - Batch #21 (Phrasegroups -- poll, postbit)
    [VBV-9284] - Batch #22 (Phrasegroups -- posting, prefix)
    [VBV-9285] - Batch #23 (Phrasegroups -- prefixadmin, profilefield)
    [VBV-9286] - Batch #24 (Phrasegroups -- promotion, register)
    [VBV-9287] - Batch #25 (Phrasegroups -- reputation, search)
    [VBV-9288] - Batch #26 (Phrasegroups -- showthread, socialgroups)
    [VBV-9289] - Batch #27 (Phrasegroups -- sql, stats)
    [VBV-9290] - Batch #28 (Phrasegroups -- style, subscription)
    [VBV-9291] - Batch #29 (Phrasegroups -- tagscategories, thread)
    [VBV-9292] - Batch #30 (Phrasegroups -- threadmanage, timezone)
    [VBV-9293] - Batch #31 (Phrasegroups -- user, vb5blog)
    [VBV-9294] - Batch #32 (Phrasegroups -- vbblock, vbblocksettings)
    [VBV-9295] - Batch #33 (Phrasegroups -- vbsettings, wol)
    [VBV-9411] - Update phrasetype after phrases removal
    [VBV-9418] - Save topic content summary as meta description
    [VBV-9441] - Batch #7
    [VBV-9453] - Batch #8
    [VBV-9665] - Task out search filters into groups that can be performed for first pass and those that are second pass.
    [VBV-9825] - Unit Testing
    [VBV-9829] - Remove CSS referencing underline-tabs-container class
    [VBV-9830] - Remove Unnecessary Comment CSS Rules
    [VBV-9831] - Remove Old Content Entry CSS Rules
    [VBV-9835] - Remove stray CSS helper classes or IDs
    [VBV-9838] - Remove deprecated CSS rules related to Conversations, the Conversation Toolbar, and/or Filters
    [VBV-9860] - Implement URL history hack to Blogs Homepage
    [VBV-9917] - Remove deprecated private message related CSS rules
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    2- یـا مـیـخــوان بــــــــات بـاشـــن نـــــــمـــیـتــــونـــن

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